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AVS_StepsThe most notable achievement by Sales Direct has been the identification of a vertical market sector that requires a specific step product  that no other manufacturers supply.The potential market value for this product is several million dollars.

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huskyGenerated $450,000 in sales in first 2 months selling through a major East Coast grocery store chain.  Licenses obtained for top 3 beer brands, Major League Baseball, Collegiate and National Hockey League.  Corporate branded coolers established for  Anheuser Busch, Harley Davidson and Jack Daniels.

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Direct_Designs_LtdThe Challenge

Direct Design’s goal was to break into the US market with their Hotspot range outside lifestyle products and develop it into a well known brand. The challenge of identifying the best fit retailers and, further, the appropriate decision makers within these establishments was very difficult and time consuming.

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izendaIn the span of 2 months, SALES DIRECT set up 29 conference calls, 29 who were interested in becoming resellers and 4 who were interested in purchasing the software.

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TSL153 potential candidates were identified, with three companies shortlisted. Sales Direct gained the interest of a particular company that Traffic Support  had previously but unsuccessfully attempted to approach themselves.

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The main OEMs expressing interest in Company B were Eaton Hydraulics, Gardner Denver Inc and Ingersoll-Rand. A major West Coast distributor was identified and through their introduction a large order was placed with a division of Oshkosh Truck.

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madison filterSales Direct were given the task of finding end-user customers in key US industrial sectors.  Additionally they were tasked to approach environmental engineers who were correctly positioned to champion the technology in the USA.

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One difficult aspect of the project was the task of reaching the relevant decision maker in person. The Sales Direct Project Manager sent out proposals to Process/Casting Engineers from 21 companies that had requested further information following the initial approach.

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Case Study - Lamerholm Electronics Ltd

lamerholmLamerholm Electronics Ltd., ranks among the world’s largest suppliers of packaging shock sensors.  Project delivered six potential partners.

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Written by Cathy Peake, Senior Research Manager    pyroban-logo

Pyroban provides safety and environmental solutions internationally.  Project: Strategic assessment of markets leading to surprising results.

Read more: Case Study - Pyroban Ltd

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