Electronics Sector

Product: Ceramic Coating Used in Steel Manufacturing

Service Used: Customer Direct now Satellite Office

We engaged SALES DIRECT to complete a Satellite Office (formerly Customer Direct) Project Service on our behalf in mid 2004. Our prime interest was the sale into Steel Producing Plants of a world leading coating, applied to the copper mould of steel continuous casting machines in North America, from an existing small customer base.

The challenge was to find the best route in and identify the most appropriate personnel at target companies. We were very detailed in our brief and supported the project with a draft list of targets. SALES DIRECT completed their project in the required timeframe and were very efficient in dealing with subsequent queries and additional follow up requests.

The final report was revised to suit CPE’s specific need and provided the business with strategic information on the gargets and their level of interest, or not, in the product..

The realities of the difficult trading conditions, caused primarily by the weak US Dollar, have impacted on our ability to maximize the use of our Sales Direct Project Report and as a result we have changed strategy to concentrate first on developing an indigenous and lower cost supply route for the coating. Once this is established the SALES DIRECT Project Report will provide base data for the commercial exploitation of our product.”

Brian Stalker
Overseas Sales Manager

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