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As you consider bringing your product to the US it's important to understand the lay of the land.  Below you will find a short summary of our view of the current market from a selection of sectors we serve.  These short summaries are not meant to be the final word on each sector however it is a starting point.  Sales Direct LLC have concentrated most of our efforts over the last decade on working with a wide array of British companies wanting to either break into America for the first time or to grow their existing presence in the USA.   One could ask ‘how is it possible to be successful at generating enquiries in such diverse industry sectors without expertise within those sectors?’ The answer lies in the fact that we possess the marketing knowledge and experience required to bring products and services to the US market.  Irrespective of the sector it is ultimately about in country marketing.

Written by Howard A. Lalgee, President   

Howard A. Lalgee, PresidentThere are approximately 13,500 chemical manufacturing facilities in the United States owned by more than 9,000 companies. Facilities are located all over the country, with many companies in Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas.

Written by John C. Lalgee, CEO   

JohnLalgeeWith an annual revenue of approximately $150 billion, the US electronic components and semiconductor is made up of around 5,000 companies.  Large companies include Intel, Texas Instruments, Micron Technology, and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).  The industry is highly concentrated with the largest 50 largest companies generates 70 percent of revenue.

Written by Cathy Peake, Senior Research Manager   

Cath_New_WebsiteWhen you consider the volume of new products and vendors hitting the marketplace, the odds are against your product catching the eye of the buyer.  Sales Direct has worked with a number of companies gaining access to head buyers from Wal-Mart, Federated, Best Buy, Menards, Home Depot and Macy’s just to name a few.

Written by Howard A. Lalgee, President   


The US industrial machinery manufacturing industry generated a combined annual revenue of $350 billion. 26,000 companies make up a fragmented sector and made up of a number of segments...


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