SALES DIRECT LLC offers dedicated services to British and American companies that wish to take advantage of the extensive selling opportunities available in the North American and British markets.  As the USA is the largest single global market, it stands to reason that effective penetration of this vast territory will result in considerable sales.  The UK is the largest European export market for America and is considered the logical gateway to the rest of Europe.

The SALES DIRECT team has operated from its Wisconsin, USA offices since 1993, during which time it has developed an international client base including blue chip corporations such as Cincinnati Milacron, Tetrapak, FMC, Honeywell, Harley Davidson, Caterpillar and many others.  Our British client base consists of companies from virtually every industry sector that range in size from sales of less than ₤500,000 up to ₤7 billion.

SALES DIRECT draws upon decades of experience in establishing trans-Atlantic trade relationships between British and American companies including OEMs, service companies, agents and distributors.  In order to facilitate a closer working relationship with our UK clients we opened a British office, in 2003.

Our services range from single short-term projects to full joint venture partnerships.  We are able to provide order fulfillment services including warehousing and logistics, as required.  Whether our clients require lead generation or representation, SALES DIRECT has the capability to offer vital assistance in these areas.  For more information about our services, capabilities and visitors select from the following:


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