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What UK Exporters Need to Know About the USA

Although the USA does constitute the export market of greatest potential for most UK manufacturing companies it must be approached with a clear strategy and a degree of understanding if success is to be achieved. To view the US as ‘icing on the cake’ from a sales perspective is to be unrealistic as to the size of the potential opportunity and to the probable cost of making the most of that opportunity.

The US is not a country to play at exporting to. Unfortunately the US has proved to be the graveyard for many a UK company attempting a foray into America but not understanding the requirements associated with achieving effective market penetration.

However with a thought out, well formulated strategy there is every chance that a company will succeed in selling to the US. The key components are viability and differentiation. In other words is it profitable to sell your product or service to the US taking into consideration freight, insurance and other additional export costs and is your product different and better than the competition? These may appear to be extremely obvious questions but getting the accurate answers can be very challenging. 

Other important factors for consideration are as follows:

  • Insurance premiums
  • Approvals/Accreditations
  • Duties and tariffs
  • Shipping times
  • Finance & taxation
  • Legal issues
  • Compliance and service
  • Time zone differences

Experts in the field of logistics and warehousing observe that having a partner in the country to which you wish to export is an invaluable aid as a partner has experience in overcoming the obstacles standing in the way to success. In other words finding the right partner to work with is often the most important key to exporting successfully.

Sales Direct Has partnered with dozens of British companies breaking into the USA as well as with many UK companies with existing sales to the USA.


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