The USA is the world’s largest single market and as such is a logical target for many exporters. The challenge lies with ascertaining whether or not there is a worthwhile opportunity for these exporting companies. There are a number of possible avenues that can be taken in order to answer the question ‘should we or should we not try to enter the US with our products/services?’

Traditional market research has proven popular over the years but has in many cases not yielded accurate enough information to determine true market potential. Traditional market research does not normally involve in-depth conversations with key decision makers in the target sectors mainly because this type of information gathering requires strategic planning and honed relational skills.

The other factor missing with traditional desk research is the needs/pains focus which is crucial to the formation of relevant questions which address these needs/pains. The technology sector is typically populated by fledgling companies that are VC funded.  These start-up companies need to know what the probable response will be to their technology before plunging in.

The Sales Direct Market Viability Assessment offers a logical and affordable means by which a company can gauge the likelihood of export success for their products and services.

The service comprises a three step process with clear deliverables.


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