Case Study - Lamerholm Electronics Ltd


The Company

Lamerholm Electronics Ltd., ranks among the world’s largest suppliers, helping companies and organizations to reduce the cost of damage to consignments caused by shock, vibration and poor environmental control during production, transit and storage. The company is founded on more than 50 years of technical innovation and development within its specialty and more than 20 years of experience serving international clients.


  • RD298 Shocklog TM – Standard Unit 100g / 250Hz
  • RD298 ETR Shocklog TM – Extended Temperature Range 100g / 250Hz
  • RD298 F5 Shocklog TM – 90Hz Filtered Version
  • RD298 G-rms Shocklog TM – Vibration Monitoring Version
  • RD317 Micro Shocklog TM – Available as 10g / 40Hz or 100g / 250Hz Versions, both use I-button interface technology and are available with an external humidity option.
  • RD299 HPT Module – Humidity, Air Pressure & External Temperature. To be used in conjunction with the RD298 units above.
  • RD400 Accelerometer – General-purpose signal conditioned low powered accelerometer series, compatible with the RD298 range of units as well as other applications. Range between 1 – 100g and 40 – 500Hz.


Lameholm Electronics was looking for either a

1. Stockist Distributor

2. Commission Agent

3. Possibly reciprocal trade agreement, if an appropriate product was offered.

21 companies were identified as a possible match. Six companies passed the qualification process and were passed to Lamerholm Electronics for consideration and follow up.

Company # 1

Based in Nyack, New York

Contact: President

Sales $600,000

Description: A leading North American distributor of Measurement and Control products. Main focus is on solutions for a wide range of industries including Pharmaceuticals, BioTechnology, Food, Transportation, and all other sectors that need to monitor, record, and analyze various physical parameters such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

Company #2

Based in Columbia, Maryland

Contact: President

Sales $1 million

Description: A worldwide leader in sound and vibration instrumentation sales, service, and calibration.

Company #3

Based in Plano, Texas

Contact: President

Sales: $1 million

Description: A highly professional and technically oriented manufacturer's representative founded in 1961.

Company #4

Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Contact: President

Sales: $1 Million

Description: The company focuses is on high-end Test and Measurement equipment for R&D, Manufacturing, and Production. The product spectrum goes from DC to Light. Customers include companies that research, build, design or maintain any electronic equipment and include Military, Aerospace, Commercial, Computer Peripheral, Medical and R&D Labs.

Company #5

Based in Okemos, Michigan

Contact: President

Sales: $2 million

Description: Leading company that specializes in systems for measuring mechanical dynamics in remote, unattended environments and offer some of the finest self-contained field recorders and analysis software in the industry

Company #6

Based in Las Mesa, California

Contact: President

Sales: $1 million

Description: Designs, manufactures, sells and supports a range of rugged, stand-alone data logging and alarming instruments.

It has been an encouraging close to the project. Sales Direct was able to bring a couple of companies to a decision point, and have them agree to complete the introductory questionnaire. Of all the companies expressing an interest in representing Lamerholm Electronics, Logic Beach, Inc. would appear to be the most compatible.

Sales Direct also came across a number of companies from the most recent approved list that did not actually distribute but, were a driving sales force for distributors. Of these companies each was very enthusiastic about becoming a sales representative for the Shocklog. Sales Direct has found the response to the Shocklog to be generally positive and most people have given time to consider the opportunity of working with Lamerholm Electronics before making a decision whether or not to go ahead.



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