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Today the Pyroban brand is trusted in many different industries, from oil rigs and construction sites to mines and distribution warehouses, however, it was in 1969 that it all started at ICI.

End of Project report

• Sales Direct LLC performed research to identify a sampling of the major players in aerospace, petrochemical refinery, paint, and resin industries.

• Project manager became familiar with a very technical product in the explosion protection industry.

• Initial research identified no direct competitors in the U.S., which was confirmed by direct discussions with various industry contacts.  It was determined that this technology would be a new and unique approach to explosion protection, one that has not been used to any great extent in the US up until this time.

• Market research determined a resistance to change current practices in one industry, a low level of interest in another, and identified the two industries that showed the most interest in this technology. Details of two interested sectors as follows:

Petrochemical Refineries

The first segment of companies targeted by Sales Direct included petrochemical refineries. The general consensus among the decision makers with whom direct discussion occurred seemed to be that the fixed and portable detection systems that are currently being used by the industry were adequate enough protection for nonclassified areas. However, there was initial interest in the general concept embraced by Gascheka. In the middle of our communication with the refineries, Hurricane Katrina hit, and a large number of contacts became unavailable due to re-assignment of duties and increased workload. Some of the companies were approached again near the end of the project, but not much direct feedback was given by them.

Paint, Coating, Resins –

There were two responses to the approach. They either saw absolutely no need for such equipment (most of the companies who reacted this way mentioned that they do not currently use any sort of gas detection system) or were just genuinely curious about the idea behind the Gascheka. In the first instance, it is clear that a more drastic approach is called for. The majority of these companies have not had to deal with explosions or damage caused by gas or vapor hazards, and, therefore, just do not see the need for any type of preventative equipment. They were satisfied with their current methods. In the future, it may be necessary that they be pitched in such a way that they are made aware of the vulnerabilities they currently have, and are shown the results of explosions in companies similar to their own. In the second instance (those companies with genuine curiosity) a helpful approach would involve offering to demonstrate the Gascheka for them. Once things are further in place here in the US. The idea of such demonstrations was presented to several contacts - targeted in the beginning, with little response. It was felt that, as a result of the major financial difficulties several US airlines have encountered, their focus might not be on purchasing new safety equipment. However, this industry could be approached with a more direct and applicable approach in the future, yielding more positive results.

Companies with imminent interest and interested in meeting were Valspar Corp, Sherwin Williams and PPG Industries. There were a further nine medium interest companies. The project ran for a total of nine months. Pyroban has now employed a full time VP of Sales in the USA and plans to use Sales Direct again in the near future for further lead generation support. Pyroban act as a reference client for Sales Direct.



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