AVS_StepsAVS Steps Ltd is a British Company founded in 1993, in Whixall, Shropshire.  The company has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of fit for purpose automotive steps and is one of the largest suppliers of electric and manual steps in the world.  Presenting the widest range of passenger steps available, AVS improves vehicle access for thousands of people every day.

Customers Served

AVS Steps has a mature and integral approach to customer care.  The company holds an impressive track record for responsiveness in international supply. Major international customers include:

Mercedes-Benz Minibus GmbH – Germany

Allied Vehicles Taxis – Scotland

AMZ Ambulances -  Poland

ATS Motorhomes - Australia and many more…

 Each of AVS Steps’ valued clients enjoys the following benefits:  

  • A supplier with over 20 years of experience in the design and development of steps as a single, dedicated focus
  • Access to premium quality electric products
  • Access to heavy duty mechanical products
  • A highly experienced step design team working to OEM standards
  • Choice: The breadth of AVS Steps’ product range ensures that the right step can be found for the job- including the slimmest cassette step products on the market for smaller vehicles
  • Technical support in product selection and after sales
  • Very quick response to enquires
  • Rigorous testing: There are few companies in the world that test their steps as rigorously as AVS. The company operates its own multi-functional test rig, allowing pro-long testing in "real" conditions.

AVS Steps was introduced to Sales Direct in July of 2008 through International Business Wales and has enjoyed an ongoing business relationship with them since then.


The most notable achievement by Sales Direct has been the identification of a vertical market sector that requires a specific step product  that no other manufacturers supply. Sales Direct identified an AVS product that requires adapting to meet this requirement. The potential market value for this product is several million dollars.

Sales Direct has gained OEM customers in the Specialty Vehicle sector including very significant players such as Supreme Industries and Farber. AVS also now supply a number of mobility upfitters throughout the US.

Sales Direct’s Satellite Office Service has proved highly effective in the opening up of the US market for AVS Steps.


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