Written by Cathy Peake, Senior Research Manager

The Company

izendaIzenda, LLC is a privately held, Atlanta-based software company. It has been serving medium-sized enterprises in the United States and the global developer community since 2002. The company uses an Agile software methodology and iterative evolutionary design to deliver software to customers in financial services, media, biotech, real estate and non-profit sectors. Izenda has successfully invented and sold developer technologies that bring us closer to true Model Driven Architecture with its Simplido, Ad Hoc reporting, and Reports platforms.


Izenda Ad Hoc is a web-based reporting software which allows business users to generate and customize reports they need without any technical knowledge, you can create reports quickly, adding fields or consolidating information from multiple databases even across different branch offices.

The Project

Izenda commissioned SALES DIRECT to find resellers for their web-based reporting software, introduce Izenda take the potential reseller or customer through an online video presentation then to set up a conference call with the President of Izenda who would take the sale to the next level.


In the span of 2 months, SALES DIRECT set up 29 conference calls, 29 who were interested in becoming resellers and 4 who were interested in purchasing the software.


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