madison filterMadison Filter Ltd. is a UK based member of the Clear Edge Group, a global leader in filtration solutions with 110 companies, operating in 36 countries. Madison Filter is a firmly established, international supplier with a supply history dating back to 1829. The central (UK) laboratory links to local laboratories across North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, enabling innovation to be driven globally and testing to be undertaken locally.

The product

Madison Filter’s Cerafil range achieves the highest levels of efficiency for industrial scale filters currently available in any market. Madison Filter Ltd., in partnership with Haldor Topsoe, has executed an industry first by offering a ceramic filter that combines the already proven benefits of high efficiency and high temperature resistance with the ability to destroy gaseous pollutants such as dioxins, VOC’s and NOx. Cerafil TopKat is a new filter technology that realizes

major performance and economic benefits for industry in multiple applications. 

Sales Direct Project

Sales Direct were given the task of finding end-user customers in key US industrial sectors, as well as to proactive, environmental engineers who were correctly positioned to champion the technology in the USA.


Madison Filter had 6 industry sectors they wanted to target initially. 

Waste incineration

APC mfrs

Metal melting and pur.

Chemical products


Mining and mineral products

In 6 weeks of calling 79 researched companies were approached 19 of which became leads (approx 1 in 4). 13 of these were in the imminent interest/follow-up category. The average annual sales of these leads was $150M. Five of the13 imminent interest leads had annual sales >$200M

6 companies requested future follow-up. The average annual sales of future follow up leads was $104M. 52 companies received the Initial Supply Proposal which was around 65% of the companies approached.


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