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Over a 6-8 week period, we conduct a simple but effective 3 step process to present 3 highly qualified candidates.

Step 1: Prior to Engagement

Agreement to proceed - Creation of a simple agreement to proceed. The proposal includes documenting project parameters which includes:

  1. Your Hiring Requirements
  2. Expected Duration of the Project
  3. The fee cap

Step 2: Engagement Process

  • Briefing Session - The week prior to beginning research, our Project Manager completes the Project Brief, candidate approach documents and job descriptions.
  • Initial Research - Desk research creates the shortlist of 20 to 30 potential candidates through a variety of sources including; Social Media, Job Postings, Telephone Approaches, Networking and other sources documenting basic resume and personality insights.
  • Candidate Pre-Qualification - Screens potential candidates via telephone interviews creating 5-8 shortlist candidates. Shortlist candidate interviews are conducted face to face either in person or via Skype. These interviews further filter the candidate pool down to the top 3 candidates.
  • Client Interviews - The top three interviewees are submitted to our client for first and subsequent interviews.
  • Job Offer Made - Client conducts interviews resulting in a job offer to the selected candidate.

Step 3: Post Engagement

  • Candidate Warranty - In addition to a fee cap, we offer a candidate warranty. Should a candidate hired through our efforts leave your payroll for any reason prior to their first anniversary with the company, we will conduct a search for their replacement free of charge.

End-to-end our clients realize up to 85% savings over traditional methods. The secret to this is not our well-thought-out process, our exceptionally unique tools and methods nor their rapid execution - it is in our proven ability to find your perfect candidate.

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You need a recruitment partner

  • Quality employees enable success
  • You must focus on your core value proposition to stay competitive
  • Finding the right person is hard work, and hiring the wrong one is costly!
  • How do you find the right people?
  • ...and not put all your focus on the hiring process?

Your Next Hire is Here

  • Marketing Based Recruitment is a fresh new approach.
  • Get results in 6-8 weeks
  • Get highly qualified and fully vetted candidates.
  • Let our seasoned and experienced staff help you today!

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Savings Examples

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    • 68% Savings
    • 6 week delivery
    • 3 Highly Qualified Candidates


    • Selection of a Senior Production Planner for a global genetics company
    • Delivered 3 highly qualified candidates in 6 weeks.
    • Reduced cost for hiring by approximately $13,520* (or 68%) compared to a traditional contingent recruiter
    *Calculations based on a first year annual salary of $80,000, a contingent fee of 25% and the total amount invoiced for services.  Company name withheld at request of company for privacy reasons.