There are three compelling reasons why Marketing Based Recruitment (MBR) reduces costs and saves time over traditional recruiting methods.

One:  MBR costs less and delivers quickly.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for using our MBR service over a traditional recruiting service are the cost and time savings.  Unlike contingency methods that take months to produce, our proactive methods produce results in 6 to 8 weeks reducing costs by up to 85%.  

Two:  MBR provides high-quality candidates.

We do not simply flood your desk with technically qualified resumes, our unique qualification process (focused through our Project Briefing tool) improves candidate quality and retention by ensuring only compatible candidates are presented.  MBR saves you time and therefore money.

Three:  MBR guarantees results.

We are so confident of our results that we provide a three-fold search guarantee.

  1. We guarantee that our fees will not exceed the typical contingency fees prevalent in the executive recruitment sector.
  2. We will cap the cost at an agreed level with each client prior to embarking on search projects. If a cap is reached then we will continue to work for that client until the position is filled without further remuneration.
  3. We offer a 12 month candidate failure guarantee. Should a candidate hired through the MBR process leave your payroll for any reason prior to their first anniversary with your company, we will conduct a search for their replacement free of charge.

End-to-end our clients realize up to 85% savings over traditional methods. The secret to this is not our well-thought-out process, our exceptionally unique tools and methods nor their rapid execution - it is in our proven ability to find your perfect candidate.

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You need a recruitment partner

  • Quality employees enable success
  • You must focus on your core value proposition to stay competitive
  • Finding the right person is hard work, and hiring the wrong one is costly!
  • How do you find the right people?
  • ...and not put all your focus on the hiring process?

Your Next Hire is Here

  • Marketing Based Recruitment is a fresh new approach.
  • Get results in 6-8 weeks
  • Get highly qualified and fully vetted candidates.
  • Let our seasoned and experienced staff help you today!

Savings Examples

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    • 68% Savings
    • 6 week delivery
    • 3 Highly Qualified Candidates


    • Selection of a Senior Production Planner for a global genetics company
    • Delivered 3 highly qualified candidates in 6 weeks.
    • Reduced cost for hiring by approximately $13,520* (or 68%) compared to a traditional contingent recruiter
    *Calculations based on a first year annual salary of $80,000, a contingent fee of 25% and the total amount invoiced for services.  Company name withheld at request of company for privacy reasons.