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Due to the confidential nature of this company's product they have asked
that their name and financial details be held in confidence.  They are willing
to share details of their experience with qualified enquires.


The Sales Direct team qualified seven companies who expressed immediate interest and sought quotations from the company.  During the project Sales Direct gathered critical market information for the company:

  • One of the larger prospects typically ordered additive quantities equating to between $3million and $5million per annum.
  • Identified the main competitors along with valuable market information.  Competitors included:  Polartech Lubrizol, Chem Central, PVS Nolwood Chemicals, Vopak, Palmer Holland and Sea Land.
  • One prospect dealt with metal removal machining straight oils, straight synthetics, rust inhibitors, and drawing compounds for metal stampings.  This prospect represented a significant opportunity for the company.
  • Another prospect was a major dealer in many metal working fluids - synthetic and semi-synthetic, cutting oils, and lubricating oils.
  • The company's Borate Ester products generated particular interest.  One large Indiana based company requested quotations for the following materials (delivered pricing in pounds): Tekplus TMP - 260,000 lbs/yr in bulk (tanker truck), Tekplus EHO - 73,000 lbs/yr in drums or totes, and Tekcide MF - 20,000 lbs/yr in pails and drum.  This quotation represented a significant and very profitable revenue stream for the company.

The outcome of the project clearly demonstrated the massive potential for the company's products in the US market.  The number of quotations generated by the Sales Direct team at times overwhelmed the company's ability to respond. The company was very happy with the results achieved by Sales Direct and acted as a reference client for Sales Direct following the project's completion.

One interesting side note.  Further to the immediate interest companies there were 30 additional companies that were put on a future contact list by the company because they were unable to respond to the volume of requests  generated by Sales Direct in a timely manner.

The Company

Based in Howden, East Yorkshire this company is a manufacturer of unique metal process fluids and additives with a core focus on innovation to protect the environment.  This company offers the following:

  • A choice of current technology or innovative green technology
  • Additives specific to the metalworking fluids market
    Metalworking fluid intermediates, packages and finished products
  • Technology and Marketing Support

In general terms this company produces special additives for water based metalworking fluids (See further details of products after Sales Direct results)

Sales Direct were appointed to identify and attract companies in the metal working fluid sector.

Product Information

Borate Esters (otherwise known as borate condensates) as used in 90% of water based metalworking lubrication fluids. Ethanolamine free, boron containing ferrous metal corrosion inhibitor having a boron content of 6% by weight. Designed for use in all water-based metalworking fluids, where its superb anti-corrosion properties work in combination with its ability to impart excellent biostability to any formulation. The unique formulation significantly reduces the potential for the formation of nitrosamines.

Boron free complexes and amides

Boron free complexes (esters) and amides now available to allow the formulation of oil containing and oil free fluids. Proven to offer at least equal performance as boron containing alternatives. Patent applied for.

Ethanolamine free amides and esters. (“Ethanolamine free” is the new buzz around this feature for additives in the metalworking sector.) This type of product offers pricing advantages and price stability over the alternatives that contain ethanolamine - which are, currently, horribly expensive (e.g. there was a recent 50% increase in price worldwide).

Ethanolomides - these are in almost all metalworking fluids. New product, a fatty acid diethanolamide producing a multifunctional additive that provides the highest corrosion inhibition and emulsification characteristics in a wide range of water-mix fluids whilst maintaining low forming performance. This product is an alternative to such products as Crompton AC28 and Polartech MA424G. Typical acid value – 16mg KOH/g


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