Established in 1991, Safe Training Systems Ltd (STS)safe training systems 2 specializes in scientific instrument design, development and manufacture. STS have a wide range of skills - STS products have involved detection systems using gas sensors, microwaves, diode arrays and also GPS, which have combined with optical and mechanical design to produce unique products. STS work in chemistry, fluorescence and ionizing radiation so can both develop products and understand in detail the customer's projects.

STS first line of products was designed to aid training of staff in monitoring ionising radiation - so that staff could learn monitoring skills without exposure to hazardous situations. These products use either a safe liquid and gas sensor combination to simulate surface contamination, or microwaves to simulate radiation fields.

These were followed by a GPS based system, used to simulate moving clouds of radioactive or toxic materials.


  • STS 800 Series for training in surface contamination and de-contamination.

  • STS 900 Series for training in the use of Field Survey Instruments & Dosimeters.

  • STS Plumes for training in monitoring airborne releases of radioactivity or gases.

STS simulators make possible realistic training without the use of radioactive sources. The system uses simulated radioactive sources which are in powder or liquid form. The source releases a gas which is of low-toxicity, is non-flammable and is environmentally safe. A probe outwardly indistinguishable from a radiation monitoring probe, houses a gas sensor, specific for the gas released from the simulated source. The probe is connected to either an imitation ratemeter, or to a real ratemeter via an electronic interface mounted underneath the ratemeter case.

The Project

Sales Direct’s brief was to find an Agent with current sales experience with the Nuclear Power Utilities and the National Laboratories, having some technical facilities and an empathy with training requirements.  The company needed to have: active marketing and sales organization, technical repair facilities and an understanding of Health Physics. The market sectors a company would be selling to would be Nuclear Utilities, National Laboratories and the US Military.


A total of 89 potential agents were identified.  A total of 381 calls were made, and average of 4.28 calls per company.  78 companies requested further information on Safe Training Systems.  On further discussion 58 companies either declined to take the next step or were disqualified by Sales Direct on the grounds that they did not fit the profile i.e.: no pro-active sales force, inadequate funding, unable to provide training.

Four companies were indentified as strong contenders to become Safe Training Systems agent. 

Company #1

Based in New Hampshire        

Contact: President

Annual sales in millions: $4

Employees: 50

Company Description

Provides Health Physics consulting, decommissioning services, survey instrument calibration and repair, radiation safety training, radiation detection equipment sales, and professional staff augmentation.

Company  #2

Based in New Jersey

Contact: Decision Maker

Annual sales in millions: $24


Company Description

An internationally recognized supplier of environmental safety products, disaster-related emergency supplies, asbestos or lead abatement products, indoor air quality encapsulants.

Company #3

Based in California

Contact: Decision Maker

Annual sales in millions: Unknown

Employees: 40

Company Description

A leading manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. The company has its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States.

 Company # 4

Based in Tennessee

Contact: President

Annual sales in millions: $4

Employees: 14

Provides high quality personnel protective equipment (PPE), safety and office equipment, tools and consumables to commercial and government nuclear facilities and industrial companies located throughout the United States.

Sales Direct sent through a detailed questionnaire to each company for completion and return.  The questionnaire would enable SALES DIRECT and Safe

Training Systems fully understand each companies strengths and weaknesses and to determine which company would be the best fit.

Safe Training Systems appointed company #1 as their representative in North America and they are still working with them today.


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