John C. Lalgee

John has over 25 years experience building businesses and bridging markets between the US and UK.  In his role as visionary for Sales Direct, his experience and ability to understand and identify with the needs of British companies gives him a unique perspective which shapes our future.

He is a highly acclaimed conference speaker, specializing in strategic international development through relationships with highly productive trade partners.


Born and educated in the UK, he launched his own UK delivery service in 1984. Five years later, he took up a position within the British company – Contract Leads – where he was responsible for the development and sale of data related products serving the construction industry.  Here he gained an 'on the ground' understanding of the principles of establishing relationships with superior trade partners on the national level.  He later moved on to employment within BCMS Tradeplan Ltd., a world leading, privately owned service company, dedicated to identifying and qualifying prime agents, distributors and joint venture partners in global markets.

In 1992, John was commissioned to relocate and head up BCMS' US operations.  His goal as President of BCMS Export Development Inc. was to introduce as many companies as possible to the very real potential of increased sales through strategic export programs. To date, John has provided educational programs and consultation sessions for thousands of companies throughout the States. The parties addressed, to date, range from small, family-run businesses to leading multi-national corporations.

John is called upon to at events hosted by national banks, Chambers of Commerce, The Small Business Exporters' Association, The World Economic Development Congress and companies recognized as major sponsors of international trade, including UPS. He has also written several articles for World Trade Magazine on aspects of strategic, international development and has hosted leadership training programs.


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