Exploding a common myth

Conventional wisdom would state that the best person to work with, if you are a manufacturer looking for an agent, distributor or end user customers, would be someone with an expert knowledge of your industry sector. The more knowledgeable that person the better – PHD candidates preferred.

So if you are selling products into the nuclear industry then the person to help find you partners or customers should have extensive knowledge of the nuclear industry. On the other hand if you are a manufacturer or supplier of retail goods then the person best qualified to help you should have extensive retail experience.

Therefore in other words sector knowledge and experience are the most important criteria to look for when seeking assistance in finding representation or generating leads.


Process triumphs over sector knowledge/experience.

You may be the manufacturer of a laser component looking for laser manufacturing (OEMs) in the USA. Recognizing that you know very little about the Photonics sector in the USA you decide to recruit the help of someone with a PHD in photonics who has worked in the industry for a good number of years. That person could appear on the surface an ideal choice as someone able to assist you in growing your business through lead generation.


Typically people with Phds in Photonics are not relational! That’s not to criticize highly educated people but the simple reality is that the skill/intelligence required togain a PHD in Photonics is not the skill appropriate to gaining the interest of a potential customer for your products.

Granted a level of understanding of lasers is an advantage if someone is to work on your behalf finding customers for your components but much more important is a willingness on their part to get on the telephone and make something happen.