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accessAmerica Group provides a unique method to open up the American market.

We are purpose built to help mid-sized businesses (SMB market) grow without losing focus on their reason for existence – to create shareholder value.  To be successful, SMB’s need to stay focused on their Core activities (creating value through innovation).  All other activities, no matter how important are Contextual.  Critical to do well, but doing so, even with excellence (requiring a distraction of resource) does not differentiate the company’s value proposition.  So the challenge of balancing this Core vs. Context is the struggle most businesses face.  Focus on Contextual activities breaks focus on innovation.  We believe that building a US market is a Contextual activity.  Your Context is our Core.

We enable innovation-based companies to realize rapid cost-effective incremental revenue growth through expanded markets in America while still keeping their resources focused on Core activities.  We are comprised of seven partner companies who bring decades of seasoned experience and dozens of resources in the US market across many industry segments and market building disciplines including product development, marketing, graphic/website design/build, channel development and private equity investment.  Our experience and specialty is launching innovative technology and financial products.

What we do

Located centrally in the US near Chicago, a partnership with accessAmerica provides an outstanding platform for international customers who need to gain access to the vast American market far quicker and with less risk than it takes to build it on their own.  We custom design an approach for every customer – only what you need when you need it.

Our custom fit solution for your American market-opening strategy is developed from a variety of capabilities including Strategic Marketing (research/viability, product branding, collateral development...), Sales (lead generation through Sales Direct LLC, sales operations, logistics...), Professional services (contracts, project management, delivery...), Post implementation support, and Business & Corporate Development (Human capital, M&A, Strategic Planning & Private equity funding).

Website: www.thefreedomtofocus.com


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